Granny's latest journey started in 2019. Back then we had the first ski tests and were able to beat 8 World Cup level fluorine waxes. Today, after an imaginable fun journey, we are soon coming commercial. Our web store is not yet open, but via granny@grannysride.com you can ask for more information about our waxes; and order some products with a limited availability.

Our goal is to create glide waxes that will be better than fluorine, thus making this ridiculous fluorine testing obsolete. 

In our R&D, we use state-of-art testing methods that can in best situations boost our product development to unmatched levels. The final testing will still happen on skis, but our lab testing provides a great help to our small team.


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Our commercial appearance has been delayed due to constant improvements on our R&D. Originally, commercial products were supposed to be launched at fall 2022. This didn't happen because our every new test product appeared to be faster than the previous ones. So, we simply had to wait and see when it is appropriate to start the commercial launching. Now, we have found working concept and the products that we can manufacture with high self-esteem.


Currently, 100% of our test line waxes are glide waxes. The main products aimed to the commercial markets are racing blocks. This simply because racing blocks have more application methods. You can rub, melt or roto wool (cloth)  apply them.

Our latest innovation is reactive additive "z" that extends the application ranges beyond any competitor.


Currently, Granny is not developing any grip waxes, but via our partners, we can deliver World Cup level grip waxes.


Currently, we don't have any products available here

professional ski services

On limited basis, we can provide professional ski services. These people are real professionals with many high level competition appearances.


Our web shop will open late 2024 or early 2025. All depends on our production and test rates. We have total of eight (8) product lines: GR100-, GR200-, GR300-, GR400-, GR600-, GR700-, GR800-, and GR900-series lines. 


For top level racing

25 gram pill.

Starting prices 89,00€ (VAT incl.)


Everyday skiing but also top level racing. Includes our top service wax GR401


Powders to be applied under racing blocks.


For those who value allmost edible environmentally friendly waxes


All Granny's waxes are 100% fluorine free. Our mission is to be better than fluorine waxes as soon as possible. Development is fast and in some weather conditions, we already are better.  Enclosed are some of our development stage products. Stay tuned.


Our first glide wax with world cup level entry at Top 4. For wet, apply with hand cork. Avoid high temperatures. Finish with roto nylon. In tests, this product has beaten many commercial racing waxes. FLUOR FREE.

gr722+ c

Our improved version of GR722. For wet: rub wax to the ski bottom and fasten it with 90 degree centigrade iron with rubbing motion. Finish with roto nylon. In tests, this product has been very competitive. FLUOR FREE.

gr722+ silicone

Even more improved version of GR722 with silicon. For wet: rub wax to the ski bottom and fasten it with 90 degree centigrade iron with rubbing motion. Finish with roto nylon. Currently in test phase. FLUOR FREE.


Very durable cold weather wax. Melt block to ski surface with hot iron. Spread with hot iron. Scrape and roto brush with nylon. FLUOR FREE


Great nanobiowax, environmentally friendly product. FLUOR FREE.


Introducing Granny's Ride Ski Waxes: Inspired by the Courageous Spirit of a Nordic Legend

Step into the captivating world of Granny, a resilient soul born amidst the pristine landscapes of Eastern Finland in 1900. As the youngest daughter among seven siblings, Granny's journey was woven with fortuitous twists and challenges that shaped her into a remarkable figure of determination and innovation.

In her youth, Granny embarked on perilous school trips, navigating the wintry terrain with wolves lurking in the shadows. Undeterred, she embraced her father's simple wisdom: "Ski faster." Fuelled by her indomitable spirit, Granny delved into the realm of ski craftsmanship, scouring city libraries for knowledge and mastering the art of ski waxing and refinement.

Armed with her newfound expertise, Granny carved her path to success, earning accolades in local ski races and igniting a passion for crafting her own ski waxes. Through relentless experimentation and unwavering dedication, Granny's homemade formulas soared to prominence, propelling her to victory and earning the admiration of her community.

As time unfolded, Granny's legacy flourished, touching the lives of her descendants. Her son, a valiant soldier, found solace in Granny's waxes amidst the turmoil of war, emerging as a decorated hero with tales of resilience and triumph.

Generations later, Granny's grandson etched his name in Olympic history, his feats embellished by the enduring quality of Granny's Ride Ski Waxes. Each medal, a testament to Granny's enduring legacy of excellence and innovation.

While Granny's tale may be fictional, her spirit lives on in every batch of Granny's Ride Ski Waxes. With a commitment to quality and a nod to Granny's pioneering legacy, we invite you to experience the unparalleled glide and performance of our products. Embrace the spirit of adventure. Ride with Granny.


Our photo gallery will have new pictures once we get in to real action.